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Part Time Night Jobs

Part time night jobs can be in retail, such as a sales or merchandiser job at Macy's, or you can work for public storage, and there is always a demand for RN's. We sorted openings for you to view below.

Part Time Pharmacy Cashier
RiteAid.com - Barneveld, NY
RN/ Coder/ PR Assist.
Little Falls Hospital - Little Falls, NY
In Store Banker I
RBS Citizens Financial Group - Utica, NY
11B Infantryman - Management Training
National Guard - Utica, NY
Med Surg RN - Medical Surgical...
Medical Staffing Network - Little Falls, NY
Customer Engineer II
NCR - Utica, NY
Sales Associate - Gap - Sangertown...
GAP Inc - New Hartford, NY
CNA's/Phys. Therapy Assist
Mohawk Valley Healthcare - Ilion, NY
Entertainment Technician
Turning Stone Resort - Utica, NY

The Difference Between Part Time Night Jobs and Other Employment

Part time night jobs are often taken up by people looking for a little extra income or turn out ideal for someone who does not want to work a full time work pattern, but receive a full time wage with the increased hourly rate which is usually offered to those working premium hours.
Most of the evening and part time night jobs are in the field of cleaning or working on premises which are occupied throughout the day and become inconvenient for you to work in during the day when the building is occupied. But there are many other roles which are night shift jobs where you can work for extra income, thanks to the increased rates given to employees working outside the usual nine to five work pattern.
Bar staff and restaurant employees are mostly needed after 6pm therefore these part time night jobs are ideal for those seeking careers that work in the evening time. There are several part time night jobs in the supermarket industry. Many of the larger supermarkets tend to stay open 24 hours a day throughout the week and the shelves need filling regularly. This needs to be done when the supermarket is at its quietest, late at night or into the early hours of the morning.
If you work night shift you will often find that your pay is up to one third more than the rate given to daytime staff. This is called a shift premium in the employment trade and can be used by some to work less hours for the same amount of money as working part time on days. If you wish to work say 25 hours per week rather than 40, which is an average full time shift, you should consider doing a part time job working nights. The amount of hours is considerably less and the pay would be roughly about the same as someone working 40 hours a week on days in a similar role.
There are several advantages to working nights; you can avoid all the traffic jams caused by the morning rush hour going into work. The place and pace of work on nights is much slower and quieter than the hustle and bustle of day shift. It really is a breath of fresh air if you don't mind working during the night or evening. Part time night jobs are easier to get if you are looking for work as the majority of people shy away from the roles.

Night Jobs

Location: Any City USA

Industry: Shift Work
00-0000.00 All Occupations
Hours: Full Time and Part- time,


  • Includes all Occupations that offer 2nd shift, 3rd shift, overnight, graveyard shift, part time and weekend employment.

Experience required:

  • Experience requirements vary.

If interested in night jobs employment please apply to one of the listings listed on this site.